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Security in Embedded Software – How to apply what we learned in the past 20 years

Until recently, security in embedded software was not widely discussed. Now, if you attend any IoT conference, you will find it on the agenda of numerous presentations. Vendors of new frameworks, processes, or communication protocols all mention security even if it’s only an aside, as in, “Oh, and it’s secure.” Given that your system is only as safe as your weakest connection, it’s imperative to understand and plan for security threats you may encounter when you connect your system to the Internet of Things.

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The industrial Internet of Things (IoT): Getting connected is not as easy as it seems

Everyone is talking about – or trying to sell – something that has to do with the internet of Things (IoT). From toothbrushes to turbines, the list of items connecting to the IoT is remarkable. In some devices IoT connectivity is as easy as plopping in a Raspberry Pi (if you don’t know, it’s ok) and writing a few lines of code to communicate with it. In other areas, industrial machines for instance, the task of accessing the equipment to gather data for analysis is a multi-dimensional and complex process. It is vital for managers of industrial companies to understand this difference in order to successfully bring products to the Internet of Things world.

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